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This is your one stop shop to help you get started on Swimple:

Ready to Swimple Guide FREE DOWNLOAD

The first thing you should do is download our free guide to getting your pool ready to Swimple. It covers just about everything you need to know. Once you've had a read you can go through the below for additional help. Enjoy:

Download PDF • 2.41MB

Pool Operators/Hirers Insurance

As a pool owner it is your responsibility to ensure you have the right insurances in place to be able to hire your pool out to swimmers. (Showing that your pool is fully insured is also a requirement for your listing to go live on Swimple!)

The primary insurance that you will need is Pool Operators or Pool Hirers Liability Insurance. On top of that you can also insure against damages to your property etc.

While prices can vary a lot based on your pool and circumstances, the cost is usually in the £300-£400 region. It's worth shopping around a little to make sure you get the best price.

We are not insurance brokers, and so can't offer you any advice other than point you in the right direction. So here are two insurance brokers that are experts in this field and offer Pool Operators/Hirers Liability Insurance:

There are others out there too, so please do shop around.

Pool Maintenance

There is a lot of guidance online about pool maintenance and the standards that need to be met for a commercial pool.

Pool Plant Experts are an excellent source of both information and support to make sure your pool is in top shape and that you are 100% confident in your ability to maintain water quality with larger numbers of swimmers every day. (you can see some special offer for their services here)

Let's highlight some key considerations:

One of the most important things you can do is keep clear and accurate records of your water testing and treatment. We like to do it every morning before any swimmer arrive and every evening after the last swimmer has gone. This may sound like a lot but honestly it doesn't take very long and is incredibly important for staying on top of your water quality.

Here is a handy template that we use for record keeping:

Swimple - Water_Chemical record template
Download XLSX • 14KB

What is the best way to take these readings?

Don't use Dip Sticks for Testing - While using a dip stick might have been ok for personal use of your pool it is not enough when you start inviting paying swimmers in. Water test of your pool have to be more frequent and more thorough, as we've said.

To achieve the best and most thorough readings you'll want to use a photometer - you can find some great options on the RLSS (Royal Life Savers Society) shop here

Water Safety

Water safety is paramount and something that needs to be taken very seriously when renting out your pool to swimmers.

The Royal Life Saving Society are a fantastic source of safety information and support for making sure you are on top of your water safety.

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